Rajah- A Whole New World- An Aladdin Bedtime Story

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Rajah- A Whole New World- An Aladdin Bedtime Story

In Agrabah’s realm, where dreams take flight,

Lived a tiger named Rajah, shining in his might.

With stripes like whispers, and a gaze so kind,

He graced the palace, a presence refined.

Rajah, a steadfast friend,

With a rumbling purr, his loyalty won’t bend.

Beside Princess Jasmine, forever he’d be,

A guardian, protecting her kingdom with glee.

With a flick of his tail and a playful pounce,

Rajah embraced life, with a joyful bounce.

He’d chase butterflies, in fields of green,

Leaping and prancing, a majestic scene.

But within his eyes, a wisdom did gleam,

A loyal companion, fulfilling his dream.

Rajah, a guardian and guide,

Through adventures untold, they’d ride side by side.

He’d watch over Jasmine, with an unwavering care,

Keeping her safe, in a world so unfair.

Rajah’s presence, a symbol of trust,

A friendship eternal, built on love robust.

In the palace halls, he’d quietly tread,

With elegance and poise, where stories were spread.

Rajah, the tiger, with a heart so true,

A testament to loyalty, through and through.

He’d curl up beside Jasmine, in the moonlight’s glow,

A comforting presence, when the night was low.

Rajah, a faithful friend indeed,

In their bond, the strength of love would succeed.

Through adventures they ventured, in worlds unknown,

Rajah’s courage and spirit truly shown.

From palace walls to faraway lands,

He’d stand by Jasmine, their bond never banned.

So let Rajah’s story be a tale of devotion,

Of a loyal friend, through every emotion.

Embrace the power of friendship’s grace,

Like Rajah, oh Rajah, a loyal embrace.

In the kingdom of Agrabah, where dreams come alive,

Rajah, the tiger, forever would thrive.

A cherished companion, a love that won’t end,

In the heart of Rajah, true loyalty will transcend.

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