Mother Gothel- For Untangled Dreams- A Tangled Bedtime Story

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Mother Gothel- For Untangled Dreams- A Tangled Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, in a tower so high,

Lived Mother Gothel, with a gleam in her eye.

With long, flowing hair, magical and bright,

She kept Rapunzel hidden, out of sight.

Oh, Mother Gothel, with a secret so deep,

She used Rapunzel’s hair, its powers to keep.

For the golden locks held a gift so rare,

With healing and youth, beyond compare.

But Rapunzel, a princess with a spirit so free,

Longed for the world, beyond what she could see.

With each passing day, her curiosity grew,

To venture outside, to experience life anew.

But Mother Gothel, with a cunning smile,

Kept Rapunzel trapped, with her guile.

She sang a lullaby, so soft and sweet,

To keep Rapunzel’s dreams from feeling complete.

But the universe had other plans in store,

As destiny knocked on Rapunzel’s door.

A charming thief named Flynn, so bold and sly,

Would lead her on an adventure, soaring high.

With a frying pan in hand, and a heart so pure,

Rapunzel followed her dreams, feeling secure.

She discovered the truth, with each passing day,

That she was a princess, in her own special way.

As the story unfolded, Rapunzel found her voice,

She challenged Mother Gothel, made her choice.

With courage and love, she broke free,

To embrace her destiny, to be who she could be.

Oh, Mother Gothel, her deceit swirled,

Lost her power, as love unfurled.

For in Rapunzel’s heart, a light did shine,

A love so pure, that could not be confined.

And as the tale of Tangled reached its end,

Rapunzel found family, and a true friend.

She embraced her heritage, her royal name,

With Flynn by her side, their love aflame.

For Mother Gothel, a lesson was learned,

That love cannot be possessed or earned.

True love is selfless, it knows no bounds,

And it lifts us up, when darkness surrounds.

So children, remember this story so grand,

Love and kindness, always take a stand.

For in your hearts, a power resides,

To break free from darkness, where love abides.

Embrace your dreams, like Rapunzel so fair,

Let your voice be heard, in the world’s open air.

And remember, my dear child, as you grow,

To love with your heart, let your true self show.

For in the tapestry of life, you’ll find your way,

With courage and love, come what may.

Just like Rapunzel, so brave and bold,

You’ll shine your light, in a world untold.

So let your spirit soar, like a lantern in the night,

Guided by love’s glow, shining so bright.

For the story of Tangled will forever be,

A reminder that love sets us all free.

With each passing day, in the journey you take,

May your heart be filled, with love that won’t break.

For in the depths of your soul, a princess does lie,

With love, strength, and a spirit that will never die.

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