A Father’s Love-An Epic Journey- A Moana Bedtime Story

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A Father’s Love-An Epic Journey- A Moana Bedtime Story

In the heart of Motunui, a chief so strong,

A father’s love for his daughter, a bond lifelong.

He guided her steps with gentle care,

A protector, a guardian, always there.

He taught her of the island, its rich history,

Nurturing her spirit, setting her free.

With every sunrise, he’d sing his pride,

A love so deep, he couldn’t hide.

Oh, a father’s love, unbreakable and true,

Through the storms of life, he’d see her through.

He believed in her dreams, his love would ignite,

A beacon of hope, shining so bright.

He watched her grow, with love in his eyes,

Guiding her spirit, as she reached for the skies.

He saw her strength, her courage so pure,

His heart filled with pride, forever secure.

He knew the calling that burned inside,

A voyager’s spirit, impossible to hide.

With every step she took, he’d cheer her on,

A father’s love, a bond never gone.

In his eyes, she’d always find,

The unwavering love that left no room behind.

He’d stand beside her, unwaveringly strong,

Guiding her steps, where she truly belonged.

So let this song echo through the sea,

A tribute to a father’s love, forever it will be.

In Moana’s heart, his love would reside,

Guiding her journey, with his love as her guide.

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