Heihei- An Epic Journey- A Moana Bedtime Story

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Heihei- An Epic Journey- A Moana Bedtime Story

In the island of Motunui, a rooster did reside,

A feathered companion, a character so wide.

Heihei was his name, a bundle of pure delight,

With a simple mind, shining oh so bright.

He wandered through life, in his own little way,

Unaware of the chaos that would come his way.

With a cluck and a squawk, he’d roam the land,

A charming feathered friend, oh so grand.

Oh, Heihei, the rooster of the isle,

Bringing laughter and joy with his goofy smile.

Though his wits may be few, his heart’s full of cheer,

Heihei, the lovable rooster we hold dear.

Heihei’s antics brought laughter to all,

From swallowing rocks to getting lost in a brawl.

With his feathers all ruffled, he’d stumble and fall,

But his spirit remained, bringing joy to all.

In his own way, he’d lend a helping wing,

Unintentional heroics, an accidental fling.

Heihei, the rooster with a heart so pure,

Reminded us that love’s the ultimate cure.

In the adventure with Moana, he played a part,

A companion who captured our very heart.

Through trials and challenges, he’d stumble along,

Teaching us that even the small can be strong.

So let us remember the laughter he brought,

The joy he ignited, the lessons he taught.

Heihei, the rooster, a delightful feathered friend,

In our hearts, his spirit will forever transcend.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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