Tahiti- An Epic Journey- A Moana Bedtime Story

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Tahiti- An Epic Journey- A Moana Bedtime Story

In the shimmering sea, where legends are spun,

Lived the goddess Tahiti, radiant as the sun.

With her grace and beauty, she ruled the land,

A symbol of power, the ultimate command.

She danced in the waves, her spirit unbound,

A force of nature, like the tides that surround.

With every sway, the world came alive,

In awe of her presence, no soul could deny.

Oh, Tahiti, a goddess so divine,

In your presence, the world would align.

With your strength and grace, the oceans would rise,

A celestial presence, lighting up the skies.

Tahiti, the guardian of the island’s grace,

Nurturing life in each and every embrace.

From the depths of the sea to the mountaintops high,

She watched over her people, never to say goodbye.

With a voice that soothed, like a gentle breeze,

She sang of hope, her melodies a sweet tease.

Her love embraced all, no soul left behind,

Tahiti, the goddess, eternally kind.

Through storms and calm, she’d never waver,

A goddess of love, a soul to savor.

Her spirit in every wave that kissed the shore,

A reminder of beauty, forevermore.

So let us remember the goddess so fair,

Tahiti’s spirit, floating through the air.

In her presence, we find solace and peace,

A goddess’s love that will never cease.

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