Cheshire Cat- Alice in Wonderland- A Bedtime Story

Cheshire Cat- Alice in Wonderland- A Bedtime Story

In a world quite unique, not far nor near,

Lived the stripey Cat of Cheshire, quite dear.

With fur of pink, and purple so bright,

He’d grin in the dark, a magical sight!

In a forest of whimsy, under skies ever grey,

The Cat would appear, then vanish away.

With a twist and a twirl, a wink and a nod,

Leaving trails of riddles, wonderfully odd.

Along came young Alice, with hair golden fair,

Lost in the woods, quite full of despair.

“Dear Cat,” she implored, “which way should I go?”

With a grin and a purr, he put on a show.

“Why, my dear,” said the Cat, tail high in the air,

“In Wonderland, we go everywhere!

Up is down, left might be right,

Round and round, all day and night.”

“We’re all a bit odd, it’s plain to see,

Where a grin is grand, and the mind runs free.”

Choose your path, any will do,

In Wonderland, every choice is new.”

Alice pondered, scratched her head,

Considering all that the Cheshire had said.

Through a tree, or under a gate,

Every path strange, which fate to create?

As she chose her path, the Cat faded to mist,

His smile last to go, amidst a twist.

“Remember,” he echoed, “in our odd land,

Things are rarely as plain as they stand.”

Alice walked on, with newfound glee,

Embracing the strange, as strange as could be.

For in a world where cats could talk,

Why not dance instead of walk?

In wonder and whimsy, Alice found her way,

Thanks to the Cat and his queer ballet.

For in the land of delightful mad,

A smile makes you brave, and a riddle, glad.

So remember this tale, of the girl and the cat,

Of Wonderland, where all the magic is at.

With a grin and a purr, life’s quite the sight,

In the world of the Cheshire, in the pale moonlight!

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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