More Than This Provincial Life- A Beauty And The Beast Bedtime Story

More Than This Provincial Life- A Beauty And The Beast Bedtime Story

Each morning the sun rises, painting skies in hue,

As villagers stir, with chores to pursue.

But Belle, with a sigh, finds her spirit yearning,

For adventures untold, her heart’s fervent burning.

In a village snug, where the clock ticks slow,

Lies Belle’s little world, where she longs to grow.

The cobblestone streets, so quaint and prim,

Echo with whispers of routine’s solemn hymn.
In the morning light, as the village awakes,

Belle sits by the window, dreams it forsakes.

Her chores may be done, but her mind’s far away,

In worlds bound by ink, where she longs to stray.

With each turn of the page, her imagination takes flight,

To faraway lands, bathed in golden light.

Books are her refuge, her solace, her friend,

In their pages, her adventures have no end.

In a voice soft yet sure, Belle sings out her plea,

“There must be more,” she cries, yearning to be free.

For beyond the routine of this provincial scene,

Lies a world full of wonders, where she’s yet to glean.

“There must be more,” she chants, with a heart full of hope,

Beyond the familiar, beyond the scope.

For she feels in her soul, destiny’s gentle call,

Guiding her steps, to rise above all.

With each echoed refrain, her spirit takes flight,

Believing in dreams, in the darkest of night.

“There must be more,” she sings, with unwavering grace,

Embracing the journey, to find her rightful place.

In the quiet of dusk, when the village sleeps sound,

Belle dreams of horizons far beyond her small town.

With a longing so deep, it fills up the night,

She yearns for the freedom to spread wings in flight.

Through meadows she’ll wander, where wildflowers bloom,

And dance with the stars, dispelling all gloom.

In her heart, there’s a fire, burning bright and true,

For the adventures awaiting, where skies are so blue.

In the embrace of her village, where loved ones abide,

Belle finds comfort and warmth, by their side.

Yet in the depths of her soul, a turmoil does churn,

As she contemplates the lessons that she’ll need to learn.

For the unknown looms large, with shadows so deep,

And the path to new horizons feels steep.

Though fear whispers softly, in the dead of the night,

Belle’s spirit burns bright, with an unyielding light.

Through the doubts and the worries, she’ll press on ahead,

With courage as her compass, where dreams have led.

For in the heart of uncertainty, there’s a spark to ignite,

And Belle knows deep within, she’ll emerge into light.

With each passing moment, Belle’s resolve does grow,

In the depths of her spirit, a steadfast glow.

For she knows in her heart, there’s a world to explore,

With adventures aplenty, waiting beyond the door.

“There must be more,” she sings, with a soulful cry,

Her voice ringing clear, reaching for the sky.

For her journey’s just beginning, her story yet untold,

As she embarks on the path, with treasures to behold.

As the final notes fade, Belle stands tall and bold,

Poised on the brink of a tale yet untold.

For destiny beckons with a whispered call,

And adventure awaits beyond her home’s wall.

And so, with a smile, she faces the unknown,

With courage as her armor, her spirit brightly shone.

For the journey ahead is a story to unfurl,

As Belle ventures forth, into the enchanted world.

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