Grandma- An Epic Journey- A Moana Bedtime Story

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Grandma- An Epic Journey- A Moana Bedtime Story

In the village of warmth and tradition so deep,

Lived a wise and gentle soul, the grandmother we keep.

With wisdom in her eyes and love in her embrace,

She carried the stories of our ancestors’ grace.

Her voice, a soothing melody of ancient lore,

Guiding us through life, forevermore.

With every word she spoke, a lesson to impart,

A grandmother’s love, a treasure in our heart.

Oh, grandmother dear, a guiding light so true,

Through life’s challenges, we turn to you.

With your gentle wisdom, you lead the way,

A beacon of love, brightening our day.

In her weathered hands, she held the tales,

Of triumphs and struggles, woven like veils.

She taught us resilience, the power to endure,

In her presence, love and wisdom would ensure.

With each passing year, her love would grow,

Nurturing our spirits, helping us to sow,

Seeds of compassion, kindness, and grace,

A legacy of love, imprinted on our embrace.

She held us close, in times of joy and strife,

With her warmth, she gave us strength for life.

Her love, a shelter when the storms would rise,

A grandmother’s love, an eternal prize.

So let this story honor the love you impart,

Our dear grandmother, forever in our heart.

Your legacy lives on, through generations we see,

A grandmother’s love, an eternal legacy.

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