Maleficent- Blissful Enchantment- A Sleeping Beauty Bedtime Story

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Maleficient- A Sleeping Beauty Bedtime Story

In a realm of magic, so dark and dreary,

Lived Maleficent, wicked and eerie.

With a staff in hand and a cackling laugh,

She spread fear and mischief on her path.

A princess was born, so pure and fair,

With golden hair and skin so rare.

But Maleficent, filled with jealousy and spite,

Cursed the baby with all her might.

“Before the sun sets on her sixteenth day,

Princess Aurora will slip away.

She shall prick her finger, and fall asleep,

In a slumber so deep, her soul to keep.”

The king and queen, they were filled with dread,

They hid Aurora away, in a cottage they fled.

But on her sixteenth birthday, fate intervened,

A spindle’s touch, and Aurora was keen.

She pricked her finger, as the curse foretold,

And fell into slumber, her fate soon to unfold.

The kingdom fell into a sleep so deep,

With Maleficent watching, with a sinister leap.

Years went by, and Aurora slept,

While Maleficent her watch faithfully kept.

She reveled in her victory, so bold,

For in her darkness, she felt so cold.

But love has a way of breaking through,

A prince arrived, with a heart so true.

He found Aurora, asleep in her bed,

And with a kiss, broke the spell that she shed.

Aurora awakened, her eyes opened wide,

The curse was broken, with love by her side.

The kingdom rejoiced, with music and cheer,

But Maleficent remained, filled with fear.

For love had triumphed, against her dark might,

And Maleficent vanished into the night.

She flew away, on her wings so black,

Vowing to return, for another attack.

So remember, my dears, the tale of woe,

Of Maleficent’s darkness, in shadows she’d go.

But love and goodness, they always prevail,

And evil’s grip, it shall ultimately fail.

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