The Beast- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

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Beast- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

Once in a land of magic and glee,

There lived a Beast, as wild as could be.

With fur so dark and claws so long,

He roared and growled a fearsome song.

But deep inside this creature’s chest,

Was a heart that yearned to be its best.

For once a prince so vain and unkind,

He was cursed and changed by a spell he would find.

His appearance, oh, what a fright!

A beastly figure, a scary sight.

But don’t be fooled by his fearsome look,

For inside him hid a heart that shook.

One fateful day, a girl named Belle,

With courage in her, she cast a spell.

She saw beyond the growls and snarls,

And glimpsed a heart with hidden perils.

Belle and Beast, an unlikely pair,

They taught each other how to care.

With every act of kindness shared,

The Beast’s rough edges slowly repaired.

He learned to love, to forgive, to share,

To see the beauty everywhere.

The curse that bound him started to fade,

As his heart transformed, a joyful parade.

The Beast became a prince once more,

But it was love and kindness he stood for.

No longer trapped by selfish pride,

He roamed the world with Belle by his side.

So, my little ones, don’t judge too quick,

For beneath the surface, hearts may flick.

Remember the tale of the Beast so grand,

How love and kindness can change a land.

Dream of a world where all hearts grow,

Where beauty and love are free to show.

And as you sleep, my dear little friend,

May your dreams bring a message to send:

Be kind, be caring, and always see,

That true beauty lies in you and me.

With hearts full of love, we can be,

The heroes of our own grand story.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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