Anna- Let It Go Into Sleep- A Bedtime Story

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Anna- Let It Go Into Sleep- A Bedtime Story

In Arendelle’s kingdom, a princess was born,

Anna, with a heart so full and warm.

Her spirit was lively, her laughter so sweet,

A joyous presence, her love a grand feat.

With a heart of adventure, she’d roam the lands,

In search of love, with open hands.

Through ice and snow, she’d brave the cold,

For the bond with Elsa, she’d be bold.

In her sister’s isolation, she’d strive to connect,

A love so steadfast, they’d never forget.

With determination, she’d break the ice,

Mending their bond, a love to suffice.

In the face of danger, she’d stand tall,

A fearless princess, through every squall.

Her loyalty unwavering, her courage immense,

Anna’s nature, a testament to her defense.

Her journey of love, a powerful art,

Through selflessness and a kind heart.

With Olaf and Kristoff, she’d form a crew,

In the face of adversity, they’d see it through.

In her heart, a love would grow,

For a man of the mountains, whose heart did glow.

With strength and love, they’d take a chance,

Anna and Kristoff, a timeless romance.

In the end, she’d find her place,

A queen with grace, her kingdom to embrace.

Her nature, a beacon of hope so pure,

Anna’s story, a tale that will endure.

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