Tale As Old As Time- A Bedtime Story

Tale As Old As Time- A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, in a land far and wide,

Where love’s tale did dwell, and stars twinkled with pride.

There lived a young maiden, Belle was her name,

With hair like spun gold, and eyes bright as flame.

In a castle nearby, in shadows it hid,

Lived a Beast so fierce, with a heart tightly bid.

Yet deep down inside, a gentle soul slept,

Underneath fur, where secrets were kept.

One fateful day, in a twist of fate’s scheme,

Belle stumbled upon, this creature of dream.

With courage she braved, the castle’s dark maze,

Unraveling mysteries, through its winding ways.

At first, she was wary, of the Beast’s fierce gaze,

But kindness she offered, in so many ways.

With laughter and song, she broke down the wall,

Around his heart, she cast a soft thrall.

Through moonlit nights, and sun’s golden rays,

They danced in the garden, in love’s tender blaze.

For in each other’s eyes, they found their true worth,

A treasure more precious than jewels of the earth.

“Tale as old as time,” they whispered with glee,

A melody sweet, as love set them free.

With Belle by his side, the Beast was no more,

For love had transformed him, to what he’d adore.

And so in this land, where love knew no end,

Belle and the Beast, forever they’d spend.

In a castle of dreams, where stars always shine,

Their tale as old as time, a treasure divine.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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