Prince Charming- A Cinderella Bedtime Story

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Prince Charming- A Cinderella Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, in a kingdom so bright,

Lived a prince named Charming, oh what a sight!

With a smile so wide and a heart so kind,

He searched for true love, with hope in his mind.

Prince Charming, dashing in his royal attire,

Sought a princess to love, to set his heart on fire.

He traveled through the land, on a noble quest,

To find the one who’d make his heart feel blessed.

He met princesses with crowns so high,

But none of them made his heart truly fly.

Their manners were proper, their dresses so neat,

But something was missing, a connection so sweet.

Then one day, he stumbled upon a scene,

A girl named Cinderella, so kind and serene.

She wore tattered rags, but her spirit was bright,

A true princess, hidden within plain sight.

Prince Charming was captivated by her grace,

He looked into her eyes, a smile on his face.

He asked her to dance, in the moon’s gentle glow,

And in that moment, their love began to grow.

They twirled and they laughed, with joy in their hearts,

The prince and Cinderella, their souls never apart.

But as the clock struck midnight, a magic so rare,

Cinderella fled, leaving behind a glass slipper fair.

Prince Charming was determined, with a love so strong,

To find the girl who had captured his song.

He searched high and low, through village and town,

With the glass slipper, his love to be found.

Princesses came from far and wide,

To try on the slipper, with hope by their side.

But it didn’t fit any, oh what a plight,

Till Cinderella appeared, so gentle and light.

As the slipper slid on, a perfect fit,

Prince Charming knew his love was legit.

He held her hand, with a sparkle in his eyes,

And they danced together, beneath the starlit skies.

They married and lived in a castle so grand,

With love and joy, hand in hand.

Prince Charming found his true princess at last,

A love that would endure, never to be surpassed.

So children, remember this tale so grand,

That love can be found, across the land.

Don’t judge by appearances, but follow your heart,

For true love’s magic can never depart.

Prince Charming teaches us, with love so true,

To search for kindness in all that we do.

For in the end, it’s the heart that will guide,

And lead us to a love that’ll forever abide.

So dream and imagine, with hope in your eyes,

For Prince Charming’s love can be a surprise.

And when you find your love, hold them tight,

For happily ever after, is a beautiful sight.

With love in your heart, and dreams in your soul,

You’ll find your own Prince Charming, making you whole.

Live happily ever after, in your own special way,

And cherish the love that will never sway.

For in the kingdom of love, dreams do come true,

Just like Prince Charming, for me and for you.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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