The Ugly Stepsisters- A Cinderella Bedtime Story

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The Ugly Stepsisters- A Cinderella Bedtime Story

In a faraway land, where dreams come alive,

Lived two sisters, so ugly, oh my oh my!

Anastasia and Drizella, their names so grand,

But beauty and grace, they couldn’t understand.

With warts on their noses and frizzy hair so wild,

They stomped through the house, acting so mild.

They envied Cinderella, so gentle and fair,

And plotted against her, with a mischievous glare.

Anastasia, with her crooked teeth so wide,

Tried on fancy gowns, with an arrogant stride.

Drizella, with her mismatched shoes so grand,

Stomped on the floor, with a loud demand.

They teased poor Cinderella, with wicked delight,

Making her cry, oh what a pitiful sight.

They ripped her pretty dress, with a sneaky grin,

While Cinderella wiped her tears, her heart within.

But little did they know, with their jealous ways,

That kindness and love would win the day.

For Cinderella’s heart was pure and kind,

And in the end, true beauty would unwind.

One day, a royal proclamation was heard,

A ball at the palace, a magnificent word.

The sisters, with their hearts all aglow,

Dreamed of attending, stealing the show.

Anastasia and Drizella tried on every dress,

Hoping to impress, with their ugliness suppressed.

But no matter what they wore, or how they tried,

Their ugliness shone through, they couldn’t hide.

Cinderella watched from a corner so small,

Yearning to attend, to dance in the hall.

With a little help from her friends, the mice so dear,

She got a beautiful gown, with a twinkle and cheer.

The Ugly Stepsisters sneered with disdain,

“Oh, Cinderella, you can’t come to the ball, it’s plain!

You’re too plain and simple, not fit for a queen,

Stay home and clean, in your rags so mean!”

But Cinderella, with her spirit so bright,

Stood tall and strong, in the face of their spite.

She smiled and said, “Kindness is what truly shines,

And with a little magic, love always intertwines.”

As the sisters arrived at the royal affair,

They stumbled and tripped, causing quite a scare.

Anastasia’s shoe flew off, with a loud thud,

While Drizella’s dress tore, oh what a dud!

The prince, with a laugh and a twinkle in his eye,

Gazed at Cinderella, her beauty caught him by surprise.

They danced and twirled, a perfect match,

While the Ugly Stepsisters watched, hearts so unlatched.

And in that moment, they saw their own plight,

That beauty comes from within, not just from sight.

They approached Cinderella, with tears in their eyes,

Apologizing for their cruelty, their wicked disguise.

Cinderella forgave them, with a loving heart,

For she knew true beauty could always restart.

Together they danced, in a circle of grace,

Celebrating love and kindness, in this magical place.

From that day forward, the Ugly Stepsisters learned,

That true beauty isn’t something to be earned.

It’s the kindness we show, the love we share,

That makes us beautiful, beyond compare.

So children, remember this tale so true,

That true beauty shines in all that we do.

Don’t judge others by their looks or their size,

But by the love and kindness that fills their eyes.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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