The Wicked Stepmother- A Cinderella Bedtime Story

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The Wicked Stepmother- A Cinderella Bedtime Story

In a kingdom far away, where dreams can come true, Lived a wicked stepmother, oh, what a shrew! With an icy glare and a heart so cold, She thought only of herself, so selfish and bold.

The Wicked Stepmother, so full of spite, Had two daughters, so spoiled and uptight. Anastasia and Drizella, their names so grand, But kindness and love, they didn’t understand.

They bossed poor Cinderella, their stepsister dear, Forcing her to clean, every corner, every smear. They twirled in fancy dresses, so elegant and rare, While Cinderella sat, with a heart full of despair.

But Cinderella, with a spirit so bright, Never lost hope, even in the darkest night. She sang with the birds, so sweet and true, Dreaming of a better life, where dreams come through.

One day, an invitation arrived in the mail, A grand royal ball, that would never fail. The Wicked Stepmother and her daughters, so keen, Giggled with delight, at the chance to be seen.

Cinderella, with a longing in her eyes, Wished to attend, but heard their wicked cries. The Wicked Stepmother sneered and laughed, “You, Cinderella? Oh, how daft!”

But in the depths of Cinderella’s despair, A magical presence filled the air. A Fairy Godmother, so kind and wise, Appeared before her, with a twinkle in her eyes.

With a wave of her wand and a sprinkle of stardust, Cinderella’s rags transformed into a gown so just. Glass slippers appeared on her feet so small, She was ready for the ball, the grandest of all.

“Go to the ball,” the Fairy Godmother said, “But when the clock chimes, it’s time to be ahead. For magic is fleeting, it won’t last all night, So dance and have fun, till the moon shines bright.”

“Be the belle of the ball, with grace and poise, But remember, my dear, the time it employs. Before the clock’s final chime fills the air, Hurry back home, with a heart full of care.”

“For when the hour strikes, the enchantment will cease, The carriage will vanish, the magic will release. So enjoy the splendor, the dance and the thrill, But heed the time’s call, for it holds the will.”

Cinderella danced at the ball, with grace so rare, The prince was enchanted, by her beauty and flair. But as the clock chimed midnight, she had to depart, Leaving behind a glass slipper, a symbol of her heart.

The Wicked Stepmother and her daughters were fuming, They wanted to be chosen, the prince’s heart pursuing. But when the prince arrived, with the glass slipper in hand, Anastasia and Drizella’s feet didn’t withstand.

Cinderella, with a gentle smile and a heart so true, Fit the slipper perfectly, her dreams coming through. She forgave her stepmother, for all the pain and strife, And in return, her stepmother learned about life.

The Wicked Stepmother, with tears in her eyes, Realized the error of her ways, her heart unwise. She apologized to Cinderella, with a voice so meek, For the cruelty and jealousy that made her so weak.

Cinderella, with forgiveness in her heart, Welcomed her stepmother, for a brand-new start. Together they mended the bonds that were torn, And a family of love and compassion was born.

So children, remember this tale so true, That even the wicked can change their hue. For in the depths of a stepmother’s heart, Kindness can bloom, a brand new start.

Embrace the power of forgiveness and love, And let your hearts soar, like a gentle dove. Just like Cinderella, who found her way, You too can find goodness, day

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