Prince Eric- Tails of Friendship- A Little Mermaid Bedtime Story

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Prince Eric- A Little Mermaid Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, in a kingdom by the sea,

Lived a prince named Eric, so full of glee.

With sandy brown hair and eyes so blue,

He sailed the ocean, adventures anew.

Prince Eric loved the sea, with all his might,

He dreamed of exploring, from morning till night.

With a crew by his side, they set sail each day,

Searching for treasures, in a playful way.

One fateful stormy night, lightning did flash,

Ariel, the mermaid, watched with a splash.

Eric fell from his ship, into the deep blue,

But Ariel saved him, her heart ringing true.

Prince Eric awoke on the sandy shore,

Ariel’s voice lingered, he longed to hear more.

He searched high and low, across land and sea,

For the one who had saved him, his heart set free.

Eric had a dog named Max, so loyal and true,

Together they explored, their friendship grew.

But Ariel, with her voice gone, couldn’t speak,

And Eric knew not the girl he did seek.

With determination in his heart, Eric held on,

He organized a grand ball, at the break of dawn.

He invited the kingdom’s maidens to see,

If one could capture his heart, in true harmony.

But Ariel, disguised as a human so fair,

Couldn’t reveal her secret, with her voice in despair.

Yet her eyes spoke volumes, as they met with Eric’s gaze,

A connection formed, in a magical haze.

But the evil sea witch, Ursula, saw her chance,

To cause mischief and chaos, her wicked advance.

She tricked Ariel, stole her voice so pure,

And took the form of a maiden, enchanting allure.

Prince Eric danced with the imposter so grand,

But deep in his heart, something didn’t quite stand.

He longed for the girl with the voice he once heard,

Ariel, his true love, his heart’s every word.

In a moment of truth, as Ursula’s plot unfurled,

Ariel’s voice returned, and love mended the world.

Prince Eric knew now, his heart’s desire,

Was the beautiful mermaid, who lit his inner fire.

Together they defeated Ursula, the sea’s dark foe,

Love conquered all, as the ocean did show.

Prince Eric and Ariel, their hearts intertwined,

A love story written, forever enshrined.

So remember, dear friends, Prince Eric’s tale,

Of love and adventure, that will never pale.

Follow your heart, and dreams will come true,

Just like Eric and Ariel, for me and for you.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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