Cogsworth- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

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Cogsworth- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

In a castle so grand, with magic all around,

Lived Cogsworth, a clock, quite renowned.

He was punctual and dutiful, never a mess,

Keeping time for the castle, oh, what a success!

With a worried frown and a fussy air,

Cogsworth fretted and fussed, here and there.

He liked everything proper, in order and neat,

Following rules and schedules, oh, so complete.

Though he seemed stuffy, a stickler for rules,

Cogsworth’s heart held dreams, like sparkling jewels.

He longed to venture beyond castle’s embrace,

Discovering new lands, oh, what a chase!

One day, a guest arrived, a girl named Belle,

And Cogsworth’s worries began to swell.

But as they spent time, an unlikely pair,

Cogsworth’s heart softened, he started to care.

Through the castle they’d wander, explore and roam,

Cogsworth’s fussy nature began to find home.

He laughed and he smiled, his worries would cease,

With Belle and her charm, he found inner peace.

His loyalty shone, his friendships grew,

Cogsworth was caring, through and through.

He stood by the Beast, and the castle’s delight,

Protecting his family, both day and night.

So, my dear ones, as you close your eyes tight,

Remember Cogsworth’s story, shining so bright.

Be punctual and proper, but also be kind,

For true friendship and love are what you’ll find.

Embrace adventure, let your worries subside,

Explore the world with hearts open wide.

Just like Cogsworth, you’ll find joy and more,

In the magic of friendship, forever to adore.

Now sleep tight, little ones, and dream with delight,

Of Cogsworth’s world, so enchantingly bright.

In your dreams, let your worries all cease,

And wake up tomorrow, with love and inner peace.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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