Lumiere- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

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Lumiere- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

Once in a castle, magical and grand,

Lived Lumiere, a candle in a wondrous land.

With a French accent and a heart so bright,

He brought joy and warmth with his flickering light.

With a twinkle in his eye and a charming smile,

Lumiere made every guest feel special, no denial.

As the maître d’ of the castle so fine,

He ensured joy and laughter would always intertwine.

With his golden candlesticks standing tall,

Lumiere would light up the grand dining hall.

He’d guide the guests to their seats with grace,

With a flourish of his flame, setting the perfect place.

His voice would sing with a melodic tone,

Welcoming each visitor, making them feel at home.

From kings and queens to humble peasants too,

Lumiere treated them all with equal value.

He’d share tales of enchantment and delight,

Whispering stories to make the spirits take flight.

His laughter would fill the air, warm and bright,

Echoing through the halls, pure and light.

With Plumette, the duster, by his side,

They danced and twirled with such graceful pride.

Their love was a flame that burned so bright,

A romantic duo that filled hearts with delight.

Lumiere had wisdom, he had a way,

Of guiding the Beast, helping him find his say.

He taught him kindness, patience, and love,

And reminded him of the blessings from above.

His energy and spirit, oh, how they soared,

As he lit up the castle, a vibrant chord.

With music and laughter, they danced in delight,

Creating a magical, enchanting night.

With his culinary magic, Lumiere would create,

Feasts fit for kings, oh, how they would sate!

From savory dishes to desserts divine,

He filled bellies and hearts, oh, so fine.

But it wasn’t just the food that made guests cheer,

It was Lumiere’s presence, spreading cheer.

With jokes and riddles, he’d make them smile,

As they dined and laughed, mile after mile.

No matter their worries or troubles outside,

In Lumiere’s presence, they’d always find a ride,

To a world of laughter, a moment so grand,

Where worries were forgotten in his radiant land.

So, dear children, remember this tale so bright,

To greet others warmly, with love and light.

Just like Lumiere, in all that you do,

Spread joy and happiness, be someone’s breakthrough.

For in your smile and twinkle in your eye,

You hold the power to make spirits soar high.

Be a maître d’ of kindness, always on call,

And make sure everyone has a jolly good ball.

As you close your eyes, with dreams so sweet,

Remember Lumiere’s warmth and his gentle beat.

For in your heart, a light will glow,

Guiding you through the night, wherever you go.

So sleep tight, dear ones, with Lumiere’s grace,

And embrace the magic of this special place.

In dreams and stories, let your imagination unfurl,

And remember, love and kindness will always twirl.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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