Beauty and the Beast- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

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Beauty and the Beast- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

In a village where time stood still,

Lived a girl named Belle, with a heart to thrill.

Books in her hands, a world in her mind,

She longed for adventure she couldn’t find.

But destiny had a tale to unfold,

As she crossed paths with a story untold.

A castle in shadows, a beast in disguise,

Their worlds collided, a love would arise.

Oh, it’s a Beauty and the Beast kind of love,

Where hearts are mended, like a gift from above.

They’ll dance through the darkness, find light in the strife,

In this tale of two souls, discovering life.

The Beast, haunted by a curse so profound,

A prince trapped, no love could be found.

But Belle, with her kindness and a heart so pure,

Saw past the surface, found the soul that endured.

Through fears and doubts, they learned to trust,

The walls they built, started to turn to dust.

A bond so strong, it couldn’t be denied,

Love bloomed like a rose, bloomed with every stride.

Together they faced the world’s disdain,

Defying the odds, breaking the chains.

Their love’s a melody, sung loud and clear,

A symphony of hope, banishing all fear.

So let’s raise a glass, to this story so grand,

A love that taught us to truly understand.

That in each other, we’ll find love’s release,

Just like Beauty and the Beast, a love that won’t cease.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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