Cinderella- A Bedtime Story

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Cinderella- A Bedtime Story

In a kingdom of dreams, where magic dances free,

Lived Cinderella, her spirit forever full of glee.

Amidst cinders and ashes, she sang a hopeful song,

Yearning for a chance to belong.

Cinderella, with a heart pure and kind,

Endured the cruelty, never losing her mind.

She found solace in dreams, where she could be,

A princess in waiting, bold and free.

With a wave of her wand, Fairy Godmother appeared,

Transforming a pumpkin, her spell revered.

A carriage of gold, mice into steeds,

Cinderella’s dreams taking shape with all her needs.

As she stepped into the ball, radiance all around,

Cinderella’s presence left spectators spellbound.

Dressed in a gown of pure elegance and grace,

She danced with the prince, finding her place.

But midnight approached, time slipping away,

Cinderella rushed, not wanting to betray.

Her gown faded, the magic undone,

Leaving behind a glass slipper, a tale begun.

The prince, enchanted by her spirit and charm,

Embarked on a search, his heart filled with alarm.

From house to house, he sought the maiden fair,

Whose foot would fit the glass slipper with care.

Cinderella, hidden away, dreams never forsaken,

Yearned for the day her world would awaken.

The slipper found its way to her feet,

A perfect fit, a destiny to meet.

Love triumphed, as the prince embraced,

Cinderella’s true beauty, forever encased.

They danced in joy, a union so true,

A love story that blossomed and grew.

And in the end, Cinderella’s tale we embrace,

A reminder of hope, love, and grace.

For even in darkness, dreams can ignite,

Guiding us towards a radiant light.

As the story unfolds, may we hold dear,

The belief that dreams can conquer fear.

Just like Cinderella, let our spirits soar,

Embracing the magic life has in store.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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