Cinderella- Enchantment Awaits- Bedtime Story

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Cinderella- Cinderella’s Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, in a land full of grace,

Lived a kind-hearted girl, with a sweet smiling face.

Her name was Cinderella, a girl with a dream,

But her days were filled with chores, a never-ending stream.

She lived with her stepmother, oh so mean,

And two stepsisters, the silliest ever seen.

They bossed her around, with commands so loud,

While Cinderella worked, like a diligent cloud.

But deep in her heart, she longed for a change,

To attend the grand ball, where dreams rearrange.

With a flick of a wand, and a touch of a dress,

She could dance all night, in shimmering finesse.

With the help of her friends, the mice so small,

She stitched a gown, the most beautiful of all.

But her stepmother and sisters, with envy in their eyes,

Tore it to shreds, with wicked and spiteful cries.

Cinderella wept, her dreams torn apart,

But a voice from above, whispered to her heart.

A fairy godmother appeared, so bright and grand,

With a wave of her wand, magic filled the land.

A pumpkin transformed into a golden carriage,

Mice became horses, full of courage.

A gown of silver, so sparkly and fine,

Glass slippers shimmered, like stars that align.

“Go to the ball,” the fairy godmother said,

“But remember, my dear, as you’re being led.

At the stroke of midnight, the magic will fade,

So hurry back home, don’t let time evade.”

“For the spell I’ve cast is bound by the hour,

And as the clock chimes, it will lose its power.

Your gown will turn plain, your carriage to rust,

So leave the ball with a heart full of trust.”

Cinderella twirled and danced, like a graceful swan,

At the ball, her radiance, it shone.

Prince Charming was captivated, by her gentle grace,

As they waltzed together, in a magical embrace.

But as the clock chimed, Cinderella knew,

She must leave behind her dreams so true.

With one glass slipper, she hurried away,

Leaving the prince, in a state of dismay.

The prince, determined, searched high and low,

To find the girl whose love made his heart glow.

He tried the slipper on every girl in the land,

But none could fit it, as Cinderella had planned.

Until one day, the slipper reached Cinderella’s feet,

A perfect fit, a moment so sweet.

She and the prince were reunited once more,

Their love stronger than ever, a love to adore.

They married and lived in a castle so grand,

With joy and happiness, hand in hand.

Cinderella’s kindness touched all who’d see,

A reminder that goodness brings true harmony.

So children, remember this tale so bright,

That dreams can come true, in the darkest night.

With kindness and love, you’ll find your way,

To a world full of magic, where dreams hold sway.

Embrace your courage, like Cinderella so dear,

For in your heart, dreams will appear.

Just like the fairy godmother, with her magical wand,

You have the power to create wonders so grand.

So sing your songs, dance with glee,

And let your imagination roam wild and free.

For the story of Cinderella will forever be,

A reminder that dreams are meant to be.

With each passing day, may your dreams ignite,

In a kingdom of joy, where wishes take flight.

Just like Cinderella, with her glass slipper so rare,

You have the power to dream, to love, and to share.

So go forth, my dear ones, let your spirits soar,

In the magical world of Cinderella, forevermore.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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