Sleeping Beauty- A Bedtime Story

Sleeping Beauty- A Bedtime Story

In a kingdom of slumber, where dreams took flight,

Lived Princess Aurora, a beauty in the night.

Blessed with grace and a heart that glowed,

Her destiny, a tale yet to be bestowed.

Aurora, the Sleeping Beauty fair,

Unaware of the curse that lay in her lair.

A spindle’s prick, a slumber profound,

Until true love’s kiss would break the bound.

Protected by fairies, her guardians three,

Aurora grew in blissful harmony.

She wandered the forest, with creatures as her friend,

Unaware of the fate that lay around the bend.

On her sixteenth birthday, a fateful meeting,

With a prince so charming, their hearts greeting.

But the evil sorceress, Maleficent, with a wicked plan,

Cast a spell, shrouding the land.

Aurora, entranced in a sleep so deep,

The kingdom mourned, hearts did weep.

Yet the fairies, with love so true,

Preserved her beauty, her essence anew.

Years passed by, as the prince searched high and low,

For the one he loved, with a heart all aglow.

Guided by fate, he found his way,

To Aurora’s side, where she forever lay.

With a kiss so tender, love’s magic broke,

Aurora awakened, from her slumber spoke.

The kingdom rejoiced, love’s victory won,

Aurora and her prince, their journey begun.

Together they danced, beneath the moon’s gleam,

Living their love story, like a vibrant dream.

Aurora, once lost in a world of sleep,

Found her purpose, a destiny to keep.

And so, dear friends, let this tale resound,

Of Princess Aurora, in her slumber profound.

For in dreams and love, we find our way,

Awakening to the dawn of a brand-new day.

As the story draws near, may we understand,

The power of love’s touch, the strength in our hand.

Just like Aurora, we can rise and shine,

Embracing the beauty of life’s grand design.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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