The Little Mermaid- Part of Your World- A Bedtime Story

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The Little Mermaid- Part of Your World- A Bedtime Story

Gather ’round, And listen close to a tale profound.

I’ll spin a yarn of the deep blue sea,

Of a mermaid fair, as fair can be.

In a kingdom beneath the ocean’s crest,

Lived a young mermaid, with a heart possessed.

Her name was Ariel, with hair of flame,

Her voice so sweet, like a siren’s claim.

She yearned to explore the world above,

To feel the sun and find true love.

But beneath the waves, her father forbade,

For humans, he said, were a dangerous trade.

But Ariel was bold, she had a plan,

To see the surface, and walk on land.

With her friends by her side, a faithful crew,

She sought adventure, her dreams pursued.

She met a sea witch, Ursula her name,

Whose magic promised fortune and fame.

In exchange for her voice, her melodic gift,

Ariel would gain legs, but the price was swift.

Silent and voiceless, on land she did stand,

To win the heart of a prince, was her grand plan.

But things were not easy, as she soon found,

For true love’s journey is seldom sound.

Eric, the prince, was a charming man,

But his heart was held by another’s hand.

Ariel’s heart ached, but she stayed by his side,

With every passing day, her love did abide.

But Ursula, the witch, had a wicked plot,

To claim Ariel’s soul, and her dreams forgot.

With her voice restored, she tried to deceive,

But true love’s power, she couldn’t perceive.

In the final hour, the sea surged high,

A battle erupted ‘neath the stormy sky.

With courage and love, the tide was turned,

As Ariel’s true voice, the prince discerned.

The evil witch was vanquished at last,

The ocean reclaimed its tranquil vast.

Ariel, with gratitude, kissed the shore,

But her heart was heavy, longing for more.

Her father, wise king of the sea,

Recognized the love that had set her free.

With a tender smile, he made her choice,

And granted her legs, to follow her voice.

From that day forth, Ariel did dwell,

On land with Eric, their love did swell.

She found her voice, not in words alone,

But in acts of kindness and love’s sweet tone.

So raise a glass, me hearties dear,

To Ariel’s tale, that we hold near.

A little mermaid, with dreams so bold,

Whose story’s been sung, as legends unfold.

In the depths of the ocean, her spirit remains,

A reminder to dreamers, to break their chains.

For love knows no boundaries, no depths or heights,

In the heart of a mermaid, or a sailor’s delights.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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