Scuttle- Tails of Friendship- A Little Mermaid Bedtime Story

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Scuttle- Tails of Friendship- A Little Mermaid Bedtime Story

In the deep blue sea, where the waves would roll,

Lived Scuttle the gannet, with a heart of gold.

With feathers so fluffy and a beak so wide,

He’d soar and glide, with the ocean as his guide.

Scuttle, a bird of grand grace,

He loved to explore, all over the place.

With tales of treasures, he’d amaze and astound,

But sometimes, the truth, he’d rarely have found.

For Scuttle, you see, had a quirky way,

Of mixing up facts, day after day.

He’d name a fork a dinglehopper, oh what fun,

And a pipe, a snarfblatt, under the sun.

He’d share stories of human things he’d seen,

From gadgets to gizmos, and all in between.

But the truth of these items, he couldn’t deduce,

Leaving his friends with laughter, but sometimes confused.

One day, he met Ariel, a mermaid so fair,

With hair like fire and a longing for air.

Scuttle, oh Scuttle, with his heart so bright,

He’d help her adapt to the human world’s light.

He’d teach her about things from above,

With love and laughter, they’d discover and love.

Scuttle, the gannet, a guide like no other,

For Ariel, a friend, like a sister and brother.

Through their adventures, they’d learn and explore,

With Scuttle’s guidance, a friendship to adore.

He’d show her the human world’s true treasure,

The power of love, beyond measure.

Scuttle, a bird so wise,

With a heart that was vast, reaching the skies.

He may mix up facts, but his love was clear,

A friend to cherish, year after year.

So let Scuttle’s story forever be known,

Of a gannet’s heart, like a warm ocean’s tone.

Embrace his quirks, with joy and cheer,

Just like Scuttle, a friend so dear.

For in the world of tales, where dreams take flight,

Scuttle taught us the power of friendship’s light.

A reminder to cherish the bonds we create,

And let love’s warmth be our constant trait.

With Scuttle and Ariel, their friendship so true,

Their adventures continue, beneath skies so blue.

In the world of The Little Mermaid, where love’s embraced,

We’ll join them in joy, with hearts interlaced.

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