Alice- In Wonderland- A Bedtime Story

Alice- In Wonderland- A Bedtime Story

In a land where dreams dance and wonders twirl,

Lived a girl named Alice, with her hair in a curl.

One sunny day, she chased a rabbit so white,

Down a hole she tumbled, out of sight!

Through the tunnel of time, she soared with glee,

But oh, what a sight she soon did see!

A world upside down, where cats grinned wide,

And teapots talked with a whimsical stride.

Confusion crept in, like fog in the morn,

As Alice wondered where she was borne.

The Cheshire Cat with his grin so wide,

Left Alice puzzled, with nowhere to hide!

Then came the Hatter, with tea in a cup,

His words like riddles, all mixed up!

Alice tried to make sense of the merry-go-round,

But Wonderland’s logic couldn’t be found.

With each twist and turn, Alice felt the squeeze,

As Wonderland’s madness brought her to her knees.

She cried out in despair, “Oh, what shall I do?”

But the flowers just laughed, as they danced in their hue.

Yet amidst the chaos, a glimmer did gleam,

As Alice discovered a magical dream.

In the garden of wonders, she danced with delight,

Amongst talking flowers, under stars shining bright.

But danger lurked near, with the Queen of Hearts bold,

Whose cries of “Off with their heads!” left Alice cold.

She raced through the maze, with the Jabberwock near,

But courage she found, banishing all fear.

As dawn broke on Wonderland, Alice awoke,

From her dreamy adventure, with a heart full of hope.

Though the world may be strange, with its twists and its turns,

Alice learned that in Wonderland, curiosity burns.

So here ends the tale of Alice so true,

In a land where the sky is forever blue.

For in Wonderland’s madness, she found her own voice,

And left with a heart that forever rejoiced.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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