Alice in Wonderland- A Bedtime Story

In a world not so plain, in a land far away,

Lived a girl named Alice who longed for a play.

One golden afternoon, she took a grand chance,

And followed a rabbit in a frilly, white pants.

Down the rabbit hole, she did tumble and swirl,

Into a land full of whimsy and whirl.

The creatures she met had quite a flair,

From the grinning Cheshire Cat with his mischievous glare.

The March Hare and Hatter, they chatted away,

With riddles and rhymes that made Alice sway.

Then came the Queen, oh so bold and grand,

With her cards and her croquet mallet in hand.

“Off with her head!” the Queen would decree,

As Alice gazed ’round, feeling quite free.

But it was all just a dream, a curious tale,

As Alice woke up with a yawn and a flail.

Back in her world, with lessons to keep,

She faced her adventures, no longer asleep.

For in Wonderland’s madness, she found her own voice,

And in life’s grand journey, she’d always rejoice.

So remember dear friends, in this petite spin,

The magic of dreams lies deep within.

With curiosity and courage, let your adventures unfurl,

Just like Alice, in her wonder-filled twirl!

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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