Mrs Potato Head- A Friend in Me- A Toy Story Bedtime Story

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Mrs Potato Head- A Friend in Me- A Toy Story Bedtime Story

In the world of Toy Story, there’s a spud so sweet,

Mrs. Potato Head, a tater hard to beat.

With a witty charm and eyes that twinkle bright,

She brings laughter and joy, day and night.

Her detachable parts, a playful array,

She can change her look in a snap or a sway.

With lips and hats and eyes that gleam,

Mrs. Potato Head is a toy supreme.

Alongside her love, Mr. Potato Head,

Their bond is strong, like a needle well-thread.

Through trials and laughter, they stand as one,

A duo of fun, in games they’ve won.

In Bonnie’s playroom, she’s full of grace,

A motherly figure in every embrace.

She cares for the toys, with love and flair,

In Mrs. Potato Head’s heart, they find care.

In times of trouble, she’s brave and true,

A hero among toys, she’ll see it through.

With her witty remarks and a sense of humor,

Mrs. Potato Head, a toy of great rumor.

As days turn to years, her love doesn’t fade,

In Bonnie’s playroom, memories are made.

Through every playtime, she stands tall,

Mrs. Potato Head, the heart of it all.

With a quirky charm and a heart so kind,

She’s a friend to all, in Bonnie’s world she’ll find.

Through adventures and play, she’s a guiding light,

Mrs. Potato Head, a spud that’s just right.

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