Olaf- When I Am Older- A Bedtime Story

Olaf- When I Am Older- A Bedtime Story

In a land of ice and snow, where frosty winds would blow,

Lived a snowman named Olaf, with a heart all aglow.

With a carrot nose and coal for eyes,

he’d dance and sing with glee,

But little did he know, there was more to life to see!

One day in Arendelle, where the sun shone bright and grand,

Olaf met a wise old owl, who spoke with voice so grand.

“Dear Olaf,” said the owl, “there’s more to life than play,

To grow and learn and change, you must find your own way.”

Olaf blinked with wonder, his curiosity sparked,

He embarked on a journey, his little snow heart marked.

Through forests deep and mountains high, Olaf ventured on,

Encountering creatures big and small, until the break of dawn.

He learned of love and loss, of friendship and of fear,

Each challenge that he faced, made his path more clear.

But just when Olaf thought he knew, the secrets of the world,

He stumbled upon a truth, that left his snow heart twirled.

For in a moment fleeting, he felt the warmth of tears,

And realized that even snowmen could feel the pain of years.

Yet through the storm and bitter cold, Olaf stood tall and true,

For he knew that deep inside, there was magic to pursue.

With newfound wisdom in his heart, Olaf returned at last,

To Arendelle, his home sweet home, where memories were cast.

And though he’d changed in many ways, his spirit still shone bright,

For Olaf, the snowman, had discovered his own light.

So if ever you should wander, where the snowflakes softly fall,

Remember dear Olaf’s tale, and answer wisdom’s call.

For in the dance of life and love, where dreams and wishes gleam,

There’s a little piece of Olaf, in every snowy dream.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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