Moana- An Epic Journey- A Bedtime Story

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Moana- Epic Journey- A Bedtime Story

In the ocean breeze, where the waters are wide,

Lived a girl named Moana, with the spirit inside.

Her heart called her out to the great unknown,

A voyager’s soul, a journey to be shown.

With the waves as her guide, she set sail to find,

The truth of her people, the destiny entwined.

A tale of courage, a path she’d embrace,

To restore the balance and save her island’s grace.

This is the tale of Moana’s quest,

A voyage of courage, she faced every test.

With her spirit unyielding, she charted her way,

Discovering strength, as the tides would sway.

The demigod Maui, a boisterous force,

Joined Moana’s journey, on a shared course.

Together they braved the challenges ahead,

In a world of legends, where heroes are bred.

Through trials and triumphs, they found their might,

Moana’s determination shining so bright.

A chosen path, she would not be deterred,

To restore the heart, the island’s spirit cured.

With her heart as her compass, she would prevail,

Unleashing her voice, like a mighty gale.

Moana embraced her true calling within,

A leader, a wayfinder, where journeys begin.

So let Moana’s story ignite your soul,

To follow your dreams, to reach your goal.

Just like Moana, you’ll find your way,

On an epic journey, come what may.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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