Elsa- Let It Go Into Sleep- A Bedtime Story

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Elsa- Let It Go Into Sleep- A Bedtime Story

In a realm called Arendelle, where snow gleams so bright,

Resided Queen Elsa, with powers of ice and light.

Her heart mirrored mountains, frozen and grand,

For she dreaded her magic’s touch upon the land.

Within her castle, she sought solace and shade,

In fear of her powers and the chaos they made.

But the kingdom was freezing, the skies were all gray,

And poor Princess Anna had no clue what to say.

“Dear sister,” said Anna, with a heart full of care,

“Why must you hide? Please, let’s go out there!”

But Elsa just shook her head and said with a sigh,

“I can’t risk hurting you, so I must say goodbye.”

With a heavy heart, she ran off to the hills,

Where she built a great castle, with ice and with chills.

She sang to the mountains, “I’m free, I’m free!

No more hiding away, just me, only me!”

As she danced through the snow, a song in her heart,

Her powers grew stronger, she could create art.

But deep down, she knew she couldn’t ignore,

The pain she caused others, the kingdom she bore.

With a tear in her eye, she looked up at the sky,

And she asked the stars, “Why, oh why?”

“Why was I born with this power so great,

If all it brings is cold and hate?”

But then, in the distance, she heard a sweet voice,

Her sister Anna had come, with love as her choice.

“I don’t care about the cold or the ice,

I just want my sister, that would suffice.”

Elsa was moved, her heart starting to thaw,

For the love of her sister was a power she saw.

With a smile on her face, she took Anna’s hand,

And together they faced the kingdom, so grand.

Elsa learned to control her powers that day,

To use them for good, and keep fear at bay.

She became a wise queen, both just and fair,

With love in her heart, she banished despair.

And so, in the kingdom of Arendelle, they say,

That love conquers all, come what may.

For Elsa’s growth and her journey so true,

Taught us all that love will see us through.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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