Hans-Let It Go Into Sleep- A Frozen Bedtime Story

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Hans-Let It Go Into Sleep- A Frozen Bedtime Story

In the land of Arendelle, where snowflakes twirl high,

Lived a prince named Hans, with a twinkle in his eye.

With a charming demeanor and a smile so grand,

He arrived as a suitor, with preparations so well planned.

The people all loved him, they cheered with glee,

A perfect match for Anna, it seemed clear to see.

But hidden beneath that charming facade,

Lurked a scheme so devious, oh my God!

He spoke with kindness, oh, how he would woo,

But Hans had ambitions, more than just “I love you.”

A throne was his goal, power in his sight,

He’d do anything it took, in the day or the night.

With manipulation and deception, he played his part well,

In the game of the throne, he’d thrive and excel.

But Anna, sweet Anna, she soon caught his eye,

A pawn in his game, a plan so sly.

As the story did unfold, his true colors did show,

A villainous nature, like the cold winter snow.

Betrayal so deep, it chilled to the bone,

Hans’s heart was as icy as the snow on the stone.

With Elsa and Anna, he’d clash and collide,

In the heart of the story, where good would subside.

But truth would emerge, revealing his lies,

The kingdom would see through his crafty disguise.

Hans’s plans unraveled, his schemes were all in vain,

In the face of his villainy, the heroes would gain.

A lesson was learned, oh, it’s a tale so true,

To look beyond appearances, to see what’s in view.

In the land of Arendelle, where the snowflakes do play,

The story of Hans, a cautionary display.

A reminder to all, in this frosty embrace,

To beware the deceitful, to trust with good grace.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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