Belle- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

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Belle- A Beautiful Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, in a village so small,

There lived a young girl, Belle, bright and tall.

With books in her arms, she would wander and roam,

Her mind filled with stories, a magical home.

With a twinkle in her eye and a curious heart,

Belle was different right from the start.

In a land where conformity was all they knew,

She dared to dream and think something new.

She read tales of dragons and faraway lands,

Of heroes and princesses with magical wands.

But the folks in her town, oh, they did not see,

The beauty of knowledge and what it could be.

Belle loved to learn, she loved to explore,

Her bookshelves were filled from ceiling to floor.

The villagers laughed, they just couldn’t see,

How reading and learning could set someone free.

One day, in the woods, Belle’s father went astray,

To a castle, he stumbled, where a Beast held sway.

But when the Beast took him as a prisoner there,

Belle bravely stepped up, with a heart full of care.

“I’ll take Papa’s place!” she said with a grin,

“I’ll stay in his stead, let my father go in!”

So, off to the castle, she went on her quest,

To face the Beast, who was not like the rest.

But as time went on, Belle saw something new,

Beneath the Beast’s growl, there was kindness, too.

She saw his heart, wounded and in pain,

And in that moment, love began to reign.

With each passing day, their bond started to grow,

As friendship and understanding began to show.

Through acts of compassion and a love so grand,

Belle helped break the curse, hand in hand.

The villagers soon realized what they had missed,

That the beauty within cannot be dismissed.

Belle taught them a lesson, simple and true,

That being different is wonderful too.

Now, children, remember, as you drift off to sleep,

Embrace who you are, be brave and unique.

Like Belle, let your imagination take flight,

And always seek knowledge, day and night.

For in books and in stories, you’ll find treasures galore,

And the power to open any closed door.

So dream big, my darlings, with all your might,

And let the magic of learning guide you to the light.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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