Ruffians and Thugs- A Tangled Bedtime Story

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Ruffians and Thugs- A Tangled Bedtime Story

Once upon a time, in a land quite grand,

Lived ruffians and thugs, a merry band.

In the movie Tangled, their tale was told,

With mischief and laughter, so bold.

First came Hook Hand, a pirate so sly,

With a metal claw that could reach the sky.

He sang with gusto, a song of delight,

A harmony that echoed through the night.

Next was Big Nose, with hair so tall,

He loved to sniff flowers, both big and small.

With his bulbous nose and a jolly grin,

He’d chase butterflies, oh, what a din!

Shorty was the shortest, as his name implies,

But his spirit was mighty, reaching the skies.

He danced and pranced, never missing a beat,

A jester with moves that couldn’t be beat.

Vladimir was tough, with a head of hair,

His muscles bulging, a sight quite rare.

With a heart of gold beneath his brawn,

He protected his friends from dusk to dawn.

Upon a tavern, their favored lair,

The ruffians and thugs found solace there.

Singing and laughing, telling tales of yore,

They shared their dreams and so much more.

Then came a girl named Rapunzel, so fair,

With magic hair flowing, beyond compare.

With her wit and charm, she stole their hearts,

And together, they embarked on grand arts.

They sang and danced, painting the town,

Spreading joy and laughter all around.

From the darkest corners to the brightest light,

They showed the world the power of delight.

In adventures they ventured, side by side,

Facing challenges with humor as their guide.

With Rapunzel leading, their spirits soared,

A friendship and love they couldn’t afford.

So, in Tangled’s world, where dreams come true,

The ruffians and thugs found purpose anew.

With joy and mischief, they filled the air,

A band of misfits, a family so rare.

With laughter echoing through the endless night,

They bid farewell, but their spirits take flight.

For in the hearts of those who remember,

Their story lives on, an eternal ember.

So let us cherish this tale, forevermore,

Of ruffians and thugs, who we adore.

For in their camaraderie and mirth,

They showed us the truest meaning of worth.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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