Ariel- Tails of Friendship- A Little Mermaid Bedtime Story

Ariel’s Bedtime Story

In a world beneath the ocean blue,

Lived a mermaid named Ariel, so true.

With long flowing hair and a tail so bright,

She dreamed of adventures, day and night.

Her voice was sweet, like a melody,

But on land, she longed to be free.

She yearned to walk, to dance, and to run,

To bask in the warmth of the golden sun.

One day, she spotted a human prince,

With eyes so kind, and a smile that convinced.

She saved him from a stormy plight,

And fell in love with all her might.

But mermaids and humans were worlds apart,

So she made a deal with a sea witch, so smart.

In exchange for her voice, she would have legs,

And join the humans above the sea’s edge.

Ariel emerged from the depths below,

With legs so wobbly, she began to row.

She walked on land, with joy in her heart,

But without her voice, she couldn’t take part.

She met the prince, but couldn’t speak,

Her love for him, so strong and so deep.

But the evil sea witch had other plans,

She aimed to keep the prince in her hands.

With a twist of fate, the truth unveiled,

Ariel’s voice returned, and evil failed.

She sang a song, so pure and clear,

The prince knew then, his true love was near.

They defeated the witch, with courage and might,

And love triumphed in the moon’s soft light.

Ariel was given the gift of two worlds,

A life on land and the ocean’s swirls.

With her prince by her side, they danced and they twirled,

And the ocean rejoiced, for their love unfurled.

Ariel found her voice, not just in song,

But in kindness and love, where she belonged.

So remember, my friends, the tale of the sea,

Of Ariel, the mermaid, so brave and so free.

Follow your dreams, with love as your guide,

And you’ll find your place, with the tides by your side.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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