Flounder- Tails of Friendship- A Little Mermaid Bedtime Story

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Flounder- A Little Mermaid Bedtime Story

In a vibrant underwater world, where fish do play,

Lived a little fish named Flounder, so friendly and gay.

With bright yellow scales and a curious eye,

He swam with his friend Ariel, through ocean and sky.

Flounder was small, but his heart was so big,

Always ready for adventures, with a joyful wig.

He followed Ariel on her quests so grand,

With bravery and loyalty, hand in fin, they’d stand.

They explored sunken ships, with treasures untold,

Discovering trinkets, silver and gold.

But danger lurked in the form of a foe,

A fearsome shark named Glut, who wanted them low.

With Flounder’s quick thinking and a swift tail swish,

They escaped from Glut’s jaws, fulfilling their wish.

They laughed and they played, through coral and reef,

Flounder, the faithful friend, brought joy and relief.

He watched over Ariel, keeping her safe,

Through every wave and every underwater landscape.

When Ariel fell in love with a prince from the land,

Flounder supported her, with a helping fin-hand.

He guided her through the human domain,

Where legs replaced tails, a world to attain.

But trouble arose from the sea’s darkest well,

Ursula, the witch, spun her wicked spell.

Flounder, the loyal friend, saw the danger unfold,

With a courageous heart, he sprang into the cold.

He swam through the depths, with determination untold,

To rescue his friend, from Ursula’s stronghold.

Through treacherous waters, they fought the dark tide,

With Flounder by her side, Ariel could confide.

They outsmarted the witch, with their wit and their might,

And brought back the sunlight, banishing the night.

With bravery and determination, he faced his fears,

And with the help of his friends, they dried Ursula’s tears.

They defeated the witch, and restored the sea’s peace,

Flounder, the hero, his courage did increase.

Back in the ocean, they danced and they swirled,

With Flounder by Ariel’s side, the world unfurled.

Together they explored, with friendship so strong,

Flounder, the little fish, where he belonged.

So remember, my friends, the tale of Flounder,

The fish with a heart that would never wander.

Be brave, be loyal, and true to your friends,

And your adventures will never come to an end.

We hope you enjoyed this bedtime story!

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